Top 9 clip-on Headphones And Earbuds That You Need To Try For Yourself In 2023❤️

There is a large variety of headphones designed to suit every need. The clip-on headphones are specially designed for those who find it hard to keep the speakers in the correct position around their ears. It is not only the clip that adds to extra grip; the various build features of these headphones, such as memory foam questions and on-ear structure (mainly), further contribute to a better experience for every user. In this article, we will discuss all the things you need to know and keep in mind while purchasing a clip-on set of headphones. We will discuss why they are so popular and how you can choose your personal best headphone from among the top picks we have brought for you here.

Why do more people use clip-on headphones than any other design?

Most people live a hectic life these days. The nature of work and entertainment in the modern world is such that you want to be connected to your headphones when you are on the go or engaged in a significant activity. Many worldwide take work calls while attending to the children or listening to music or podcasts while engaged in their gym. Since these are standard practices, most people have preferred choosing clip-on headphones over others as these provide that added grip that allows life to work smoothly even when more than one task is continuously plaguing the human being.

Benefits of clip-on headphones

There are and must be several other benefits associated with clip-on headphones, which is why many people switch to these variants. One thing to note is that almost every major manufacturer of headphones has at least one clip-on headset manufactured under them. That gives users a lot to choose from.

Extra grip

The number one benefit of clip-on headsets over any other variant is that they provide an extra grip for the headset to stay on your ears without any slippage because of the clips. There are various kinds of clips available and even hook variants. Hooks twine around your earlobe and cover it from one end to the other. The clips add pressure to the earlobes, so the speakers don’t fall off.

✅Excellent comfort

Comfort is another major factor with these headphones. Since manufacturers have created these headphones with extra comfort in mind, they have added the best quality neckband clips and ear pads on the speakers for the user’s benefit. The fact that these headsets will not slide off your ears no matter what you do is an experience of comfort many users crave every day.


These headsets, because of their design, don’t fall off easily. They experience less friction and resistance every day and can produce consistent music. Because they don’t move very much, the Bluetooth connectivity remains stable for a long time and does not experience any blockage. These few features make these headsets more durable than other variants.

✅Best for physical exercise

They are excellent for physical exercise since you can keep them on and listen to music no matter which moves you are trying. Athletes’ physical training enthusiasts and answers should go for these headsets while practicing and performing. The high-end versions of these headsets managed to play excellent quality music even during stunts.

✅Versatile features

It all depends on what you want since these headphones will come in water-resistant variants, dust-resistant variance Bluetooth or wired variance, and snugly fit cushion variants that will help you play music while lying down or sleeping. Along with these are headsets that provide a clear tone, while others will show an affinity for bass sound.

✅The Mic that stays in place

Because the main selling point of these headsets is that they do not move around much, their mics are also designed to stay in place no matter what. Some of the wired variants of clip-on headsets also come with clipped mics which you can add to any part of your clothing, and the Mic will stay in place throughout the day. Most of these mics come with great-quality sound isolation features.

✅Best for traveling

These headsets are great for traveling as you can use them without discomfort in public settings and areas with many crowds and noise. Even when you find yourself in vehicles with a lot of sounds and jerking, these headphones will continue to perform their optimal best, and you will not even feel any lack of stability in the audio that you are consuming.

Buying guide For Clip-on Headphones And Earbuds

Let us quickly look at the various things you must remember while choosing your perfect set of clip-on headphones.

🎧 Sound Quality

The clip-on headphones should have as much variance in sound quality as the regular ones. Since you are purchasing headphones, the first thing to keep in mind is to look into the sound Quality in terms of performance and durability. That means not only must the good Quality be excellent but also remain so throughout the years of use that your headset will go through.

🎧 Clip pressure

If the clip pressure is too much, you might feel hurt or irritated around the area of your ears. It might also cause rashes or diseases of various kinds. It is essential to measure the clip pressure to determine whether it is optimal for the long hours you intend to use your headphones. The clip should be comfortable, not irritable.

🎧 Overall comfort

Other elements of comfort include how will the questions it’s on your ears, how deep it penetrates your ear canal and how often you find yourself fixing your earphones for better sound access. Only when all the answers to these questions suit your ideal headsets should you intend to purchase one for yourself.

🎧 Aesthetic choice

We all have different aesthetics regarding our personal choices and social standards that we must follow outside our houses or post on social media. If you are in a professional setting, you will not be able to choose headsets that are very loud in terms of design. On the other hand, if you are engaged in the fashion world, you will not want a headset that is too plain. Remember all these things, so you don’t have to come for a second pair later.

🎧 Budget

Clip-on headsets come in various budgets, but the good thing is that you can pay less for a good set. And yet the difference in the budget will be visible in the material Quality of your headset and how well it produces the sound. Moreover, if you have a good pair of headsets, you will also expect them to last for a very long time in terms of wiring if it is wired and in terms of battery life if it is wireless. All of these things are better guaranteed if you purchase one of moderate to high budget. Yet remember to strain yourself only a little for one headset and stay within a reasonable

✨ Best clip-on headphones and earbuds

Now, it’s time to discuss the list of headphones and earbuds you have eagerly awaited.



Buy PHILIPS SHS3200BK/37 Flexible Earhook Headphones, Black Online at desertcartINDIA
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It is impossible to talk about comfort and not talk about Philips. This premium quality brand has the most comprehensive range of headphones available in multiple price brackets. In fact, the price of the SHS3200BK will take anybody by surprise if they know the build quality and durability that these headphones come with. They come in black and white shades and can be worn in professional settings without any second thought. These are excellent headphones that resemble earrings. These comfortable headphones come with ear hooks that look flimsy but hold the earphones very well, and there is no chance of failing. The soft silicon base made them more flexible. The bass pipe of these headsets ensures low-tone clarity very smoothly. Let’s discover more.


● These are in-ear headphones with added 3D flexible ear hook support.
● 1.2 meter-long cable that is designed with durability in mind.
● These headphones have 1.5mm, speaker drivers.
● Excellent sound quality with minimum sound escapes that Philips is well-known for.
● Comfort is supplementary by the speakers modified for a secure fit in all ear sizes.

✅ Pros

● These are budget-friendly premium products compatible with all android devices,
iPhones, or iPods.
● Ear clips can put extra pressure on the ear lobe, which is why ear hooks, an excellent
option for customers, supplement them.

● Extra focus on low tones, which makes music more enjoyable, and a bass type of high
Quality fitted as a part of the design.


● The aesthetic design might only suit some, which are not waterproof.
● In-ear headphones can cause pain when worn for a very long time.
● Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and noise-canceling feature are not available.


14.99 USD

Our verdict

When earphones like these are specifically purchased, keeping in mind a secure fit, a wired
design becomes unrealistic since wide headphones perform poorly when the person is travelling
or working physically. At the same time, these headphones are the best ear hook earphones at
this price rate that you will ever be able to lay your hands on.


Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M

Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M BW Brown | Ear-Fit Headphones (Japan Import): Buy Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M BW Brown | Ear-Fit Headphones (Japan Import) Online at Low Price in India -
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Audio Technica’s headphones can never be a disappointment. These are authentic Japanese creations made with the latest known properties of a great headset. They come in 5 different color variations: black, metallic brown, pure white, royal blue, and silver. If affordability comes first in your mind when purchasing headphones, you can quickly go with this set. The minimalist and portable design of these headphones with clip-on is running in the market. The paddings do not make your ear sweat and thus feel comfortable throughout the day. These products are mainly made with plastic which, however, feels inexpensive. The chords are longer than one another, which can be a loop behind your neck to get the other ear.


● Beautiful swing-hinged ear clips that can never hurt your ear lobes even after hours of

● The excellent quality speakers of these headphones provide a clean and clear playback
sound with a wide frequency range.
● Made for long-term use therefore only weighs 20 grams due to its lightweight design.
● One cord is designed to work as a neckband for added support.
● They are thin and lightweight.

✅ Pros

● The wire is so designed that it offers no resistance even when the individual is engaged
in physical exercise.
● Excellent sound quality, although the loudness is slightly less to protect your ears. They
are designed in a health-promoting way.
● It has a straight end instead of an l shaped plug-in on the back, which makes it more
compatible with multiple devices.


● Wireless connectivity and volume control are not available
● Ultimately, the opposite of water resistant and should not be near sweat either.
● Only fit some ear types. Clips do not perform well when lying down or leaning towards
one side.


12.70 USD

Our verdict

These are not the best headphones for physical exercise, but we wonder if they only consist of
running or upright activities. They are excellent for PC and mobile phone use, even when
traveling or driving.


Panasonic- Rp-hs46e-k v

Panasonic RP-HS46 BLACK Clip On Ear-Hook Ultra Slim Headphone Original Brand New 797864153217 | eBay
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Panasonic is a brand that makes headphones that are easily affordable for everyone. Trust and Quality are the two words associated with this brand. Now comfortability goes with these Rp-hs headphones because of their lightweights. If you want to use these for prolonged hours, they do not put any pressure or weight, making this a good choice for travel and work. The earcups can cover the whole ear, however, not for those with large ears. These headphones are less significant in terms of sound Quality than the higher-priced headphones. However, if you want to pair it with some relaxing app or music for a night of excellent sound sleep, they can provide that.


● They have a 30mm driver unit which offers the most potent sound for heavy beats.
● These products weigh 50 grams which are very lightweight.
● The ear clips are rotatable and flexible.
● They have super comfortable, slim, and compact earpieces.
● Also, they maintain an excellent balance in highs, mids, and lows.


● These pairs are ideal for sleep.
● They also have small magnets which keep them together when not in use.
● The equalization response is excellent.

⛔ Cons

● Sound somehow deteriorates as the volume goes up.
● Noise cancellation is negligible.
● Earcups need to be improved.


13.71 USD

Our Verdict

If you are on a short string budget and do not want hassles in finding clip-on headphones, then
you might find these headphones are perfect for you.


Koss KSC35

Buy Koss KSC35 Wireless Bluetooth Ear Clip Headphones, in-Line Microphone with Remote, 6 Hour Battery Life, Black Online at Lowest Price in India. B082FP4PB3
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Finally, the perfect wireless set offers additional support through its neckband, which also has a sensitive mic. These are comfortable on-ear purchases that you need to consider in more detail. These headphones have a retro look which gives classic vibes. They are made of plastic which does not seem fragile. However, remember to carry a storage case in case of traveling. The ear foams are thick and comfortable and do not hurt the ears. Therefore, the clips are rotatable around the ears and securely stay in place for light activities.


● 4.2 Bluetooth version
● 6-hour battery life on a single charge comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
● 1-year warranty available on any purchase
● Excellent Mic that is sensitive to human voice and isolates it from its surroundings.
● The remote control is available on the headset for pause, play start, stop volume, and
call answer buttons.


● Premium sound quality at a moderate price range.
● The 4.2 Bluetooth version makes it possible to connect these headsets with various
devices, even the ones that are a bit old.
● They have a very comfortable ear clip, soft padded ear speakers, and a built-in mic

⛔ Cons

● Users have reported that the clip is fragile and can break easily.
● Earphones are slightly heavy compared to others on the list, and fasteners are not
● Sound isolation or noise cancellation is not available.


39.99 USD

Our verdict

If sound isolation and noise cancellation are not crucial to you, this might be an excellent
purchase at such a reasonable price. However, remember that if you travel a lot at one time or
another, other sound isolation can be an outstanding feature, especially in an important


JBL Endurance Peak II

JBL Endurance Peak II - Waterproof True...
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These are our personal favourites from this entire list. There is no doubt that these earbuds go perfectly with every setting, casual and professional. Eversense released these earbuds that have been selling like hotcakes, and we are here to tell you why. These are undoubtedly athletes’ earbuds that stay in place during your gruelling and demanding workouts. They come in three colours black, blue, and white. Therefore, they come in dense rubber-sized earbuds and thick ear hooks made with malleable silicon materials for solid stability and durability. Also, the bendable wire lets you adjust the earbuds. However, these good-build pairs are not compatible with wireless gaming. You can only pair them with Bluetooth-enabled PCs.


● They are designed especially for physical fitness and athlete use.
● They have an excellent built-in microphone feature that enables us to take calls even
when engaged in high-intensity activities.
● Changeable earbuds are available.
● Different snug comfort design with ear hooks so that you can adjust the headset
according to your understanding of optimal comfort.
● They have a dual connection, meaning you can take calls and use your voice assistance
or volume control on either ear.

✅ Pros

● Water-resistant design making them suitable for gym wear
● Thirty hours of battery life with 6 hours on a single charge and 24 hours with the
charging case.
● These come with hands-free stereo calls, voice assistant access, and a mic that isolates
environmental noise to focus on your voice.

⛔ Cons

● Not affordable for everyone

● Only available with a type c charging cable.
● In-ear earphones can cause health problems when used for long periods.


49.95 USD

Our verdict

These are the best earbuds you can give yourself if you need a compatible and affordable
Bluetooth headset that works well in all settings and enables you to carry on with every task of
your daily life.


Jaybird vista two true wireless sports headphones

Buy Jaybird Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones With Charging Case - Premium Sound, ANC, Sport Fit, 24 Hour Battery, Waterproof Earbuds With Military-Grade Durability - Black Online at Lowest Price
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These are the next-generation earbuds of Jaybird Vista Truly Wireless. People who are active in sports or intense exercises find these earbuds most durable and stable. These will give you a sporty look in several colors- Nimbus Grey, Black, and Midnight Blue. These closed-back earbuds do not enter your ear canal very profoundly. However, some people may feel uncomfortable. The outstanding part of this Jaybird Vista is its breathability. You will not feel any temperature difference or sweat in your workout session. The portability and the build quality are also excellent. These are mainly made of plastic. However, it feels like it could be more affordable. Instead, they are sturdy. Therefore, the three differently sized ear tips provide excellent security and do not fall off frequently.


● They have an active noise cancellation(ANC) feature that cuts the background noise
● These pairs also come with sports fit three sizes of interchangeable ear gels.
● Also, the wind-guarded mics can monitor all the ambient sounds.
● These headphones feature earth-proof durability, MIL-STD 810G freeze, and shock
● The double-tap control of these products lets you switch between ANC and Surround

✅ Pros

● These are IP68 waterproof, sweatproof, and dustproof.
● Wireless and fast charging is a plus.
● These are great for mono listening and auto-play and pause.

⛔ Cons

● The ANC is not up to the mark.
● Battery life is mediocre.
● They do not have multi-device pairing.


144.99 USD

Our verdict

In our opinion, these earbuds are great for athletes and techies with all the additional features.
However, these will last approximately 5-6 hours in terms of battery life. At this price point, so
many options are available in the market.



Clip-on headsets have taken the world by storm, and it is now your turn to get one for yourself.
We hope this list was good for your decision-making experience and you can now understand
better which ones will suit you the best. See you soon for our next set of the perfect headphones, depending on your requirements!