The story of AHG

My love for creating and modifying things began way back in 2002, with satellite TV equipment (Insert ‘The Cable Guy’ joke here). I started my headphone journey in 2009 with a set of QuietComfort 2 headphones. They were refurbished from China and probably not real… ok definitely not real but they were a starting point. After about 4 months the ear pads, headband and carrying case were looking pretty grim. I was covered in ‘black dandruff’ and I knew I was not the only person who could have had this experience. THOUGHT BUBBLE…. ACCESSORIES!

From that point I spent almost 6 years as a reseller for unbranded headphone accessories. This brought me to my moment of truth. Being a reseller was an experience, good and bad. What really ‘got my goat’ was when the suppliers did not listen to suggestions about improvements or said it cost too much. In August 2014, I was tired of those answers and put my big boy pants on. I developed four products to my specifications and when they were ready for the market Accessory House Global LTD. was born (April 1st, 2015 – Yes, it was on April fool’s day). Hello AHG ☺

Headphone accessories are AHG’s forte, but expansion into Bluetooth speaker and camera accessories were not far off. AHG has been offering products internationally since 2015 via eBay, Amazon and the official website. We expanded from 1 product to over 100 in this time. Monty the AHG dog came long and Nathan our Australian dealer (G’day mate) has been around since day one.


What is really important to us?

As consumers we value products that perform great and look sexy (yes, I said sexy!). This is not an easy task, but this is why AHG got into this hobby in the first place. AHG does what it says on the tin, ‘Better products, better prices. We value our customers experience with our products, their suggestions and satisfaction. We want to be the first stop for all your headphone accessory needs and all the other popular electronics accessories too! AHG has a dream, help us achieve it ☺