Best transcription headphones you need in 2023

Many excellent jobs require working with audio at an advanced level. Most of these professional occupations require high-quality headsets, even at the beginner level, so that the best level of productivity can be initiated from the start. Suppose someone thinking about advanced professional occupations related to audio needs to think about transcription. In that case, it must be that they need to be made aware of what this job entails. Now, what are transcription headphones? The job of a transcriptionist is to listen to live audio files and transcribe them, i.e., convert them to their textual version, thus creating a text file with the same content as the audio file. Most experienced transcriptionists will tell you that high-quality headphones are unsuitable. The primary reason behind this is that most of the time, transcriptionists need a tool that helps them focus on the audio file’s human voice- or the linguistic region. And in doing so, they also require the headphones to block out other noise actively or at least mute them to a few degrees. Transcriptionist headphones are other specific headsets that allow professional transcribers to focus on the linguistic part of the audio file and harmful noise or music in the background.

The best type suitable for transcription work

The best type of transcription headphones is designed in such a way that they improve the quality, pitch, richness, and tone of the human or AI voices involved in the audio. It is a kind of headphone that produces extensive clarity in the language spoken, as this helps transcribers to understand what is going on in the audio without having to replay it several times. Transcription headphones also work on the pitch and intonation of voice, requiring great mids and highs. Also, studio headphones are fabulous for transcription jobs over consumer headphones. Because all professional works require an excellent level of audio quality that does not muddy your dictation. As a result, they reproduce original sound as much as possible with accuracy. Therefore, microphones for transcription jobs are necessary, but it is not needed for others. However, a good microphone in your headset is a must if you want to use it for dictation purposes.

Why do you need headphones designed for transcription?

A good pair of headphones can significantly improve a transcriptionist's performance and make their job easier. A good transcriptionist headphone
● saves time
● produces fewer errors
● improves the mental health of the transcriptionist
● Produces better results, rich sound
● enhances an understanding of the context
● is better for ear health and optimal comfort
● It is safer for the CNS.

Buying guide

As we have always noted, it is more than possible for buyers to need clarification about which headphones they require the most while actually out shopping. A significant reason why this happens is that they suffer from too many options and need help deciding which facilities they genuinely require. That is why we always include the most important features you should look for while buying a particular headset.

👉 One word of caution

Your transcription headphones are purchased for the transcription process. Trying to look for other facilities in your headphones so you can multipurpose them can prove counterproductive since you can only use transcription headphones for music and other audio without negating their transcription qualities.

👉 The best transcription headphones are closed back

One of the crucial requirements of a transcriptionist is to work with a headphone that does not leak sound. That means there is an internal echoing that helps in focusing on the crispness of the voice. That is why transcription headphones should usually be closed back. They preserve the sound and help the brain capture information more quickly when the transcriptionist is working on the job, even if it means only listening to the audio for the first time.

👉 Over-the-ear headphones can be a good choice for transcription.

The primary reason over-the-ear headphones are considered the best for transcription is that transcription is spent too much time with the headphones on. On-ear headphones can cause damage to the organ. They can also increase the amount of pressure that is being exerted on the sides of the head. All people working professionally with audio are required or at least advised to use over-the-ear headphones for this reason. Moreover, over-ear headphones offer the optimal amount of echoing, which can increase the clarity of the audio.

👉 Transcription headphones should have good highs

As we have discussed, the transcription headphone must have incredible highs and mids. Most of the human voice in audio comes within this range, especially when the conversation is emotional. It is the range that transcriptionists will be working with. It is also a given that mostly transcription headphones need to be more apparent around dynamic conversation since they are harder to grasp.

👉 Transcription headphones must never be based on bass

Bass lifts the focus from the central audio and emphasizes the multiple background noises that happened to exist along with the main thing. Bass will also cause a problem with how the audio is interpreted by the transcription, which can lead to mistakes. Transcription headphones should be based on something other than bass because bass has a heavy electronic music aspect. You need your audio to be as clean and natural as possible during transcription.

👉 Suitable sound quality

When we talk about sound quality, we are talking explicitly about the excellent quality features that you require as a transcriptionist. It means a lesser amount of focus on the melody and more amount of stress on the detail of the audio. Similarly, it also means that the audio is crisp and clear with a stable and neutral bias.

👉Comfort around the head and neck region

Comfort is a massive factor for professional transcription since they work too long with the headsets on. Comfort should be around the forehead, the upper head region, the ears, the neck, and the temples. It should be possible to move your head freely while wearing the headphones, and they should not weigh much. A lack of comfort can lead to various long-term diseases, including spondylitis and ear dysfunction.

👉 Advanced settings to work with pitch and tone

Volume control and advanced settings of pitch and tone are great to work with as a transcriptionist so that you can manually decrease and increase the detailing you require in your audio depending on the audio type and the speaker’s personal qualities. Most good-quality transcription headphones offer audio control and other settings with clever engineering encoded into them to give the ultimate results.

👉 Noise cancellation

An increasing number of workers work in various settings outside the typical office environment and need noise cancellation and Bluetooth features to work on the go. It is there for a subjective requirement on which your purchase of the transcription headset should depend. Both facilities are a pretty rate of find among transcription headsets conventionally, but some companies have already started to produce these variants.

Top 7 Transcription Headphones

Finally, here is a list of our top 7 top choices when it comes to transcription headphones. We will tell you everything you need to know about these and how and where you can get them.

❤️ Sony MDR7506 professional large diaphragm headphones ❤️

Sony MDR-7506 Professional Wired On Ear Headphones with Mic (Black) (Best Compatible with Professional Cinema Line Camera) : Electronics
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Sony, as a brand, is known for comfort and class, and this is infinitely more true when it comes to headphones. Sony has always been the perfect option for all your headset requirements at a comfortable price. They are of great comfort and can be folded easily and carried for transportation. As an additional quality, they look beautiful and are the kind of professional headphones you would want to use to work from a design perspective.


● The MDR7506 is a neodymium magnet-based headset that delivers sound with a lot of detail.
● The frequency response of this headset is from 10 hertz to 20 kiloHertz.
● They provide users with the most detailed sounds compared to any on this list.
● They include soft cushioning around the years and the headband without being excessive to provide optimal comfort to long-term users.

😀 Pros

● They are highly durable and have rugged construction and an inner working structure that makes them last for more than a decade.
● These headphones come with excellent audio performance.
● These are foldable.

😔 Cons

● Have to purchase a USB cable and case separately.
● These headsets are wired and do not offer Bluetooth connectivity.
● These are not noise-canceling headphones.


83.97 USD

Our verdict

The affordable pricing of the headset itself cancels out the extra price you might have to pay for the USB and the case. Moreover, these things can now be bought according to your needs. A microphone is also purchased separately according to the user’s requirement. If you are looking for a long-lasting set of headphones that will help you start strong, and if you wish to work specifically from a sedentary location, these headphones are definitely for you.

❤️ Spectra SP-USB ❤️

Spectra SP-PC Stereo Computer Transcription Headset : Electronics
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These are other connector-based headsets that do not involve Bluetooth. They are one of the most affordable headsets you can ever find as a working transcriptionist. They are incredibly long-lasting, and for some people, they have lasted more than three decades. They have captured the hearts of their users by focusing heavily on the voice aspect of recordings.


● These headphones work excellently for blocking out background noise.
● This product comes with a long-lasting build and a simple plug-and-play method.
● Extremely compact and can be a carry in the smallest of bags.
● These are the best headphones for advanced and simultaneous speech. They are sharp enough for the transcriptionist to understand simultaneous speech and foreign languages that they are immediately familiar with.

😀 Pros

● These headphones come with a simple volume control option.
● These are lightweight and has LED computer connection indicator.
● These come with a pouch.

😔 Cons

● These are not Bluetooth and cannot be used as such.
● They are in-ear and can cause problems after long-term use for some people.
● They are entirely made of plastic material.


29.84 USD

Our verdict

If in-ear headphones do not bother you from a comfort perspective, you should try this set of headphones. They offer almost everything a transcriptionist needs at half the price or even less than other headphones of similar quality. The audio difference is evident from the first use when it comes to this headphone compared to others. Its tiny build makes it easy to wear and flexible to fit anywhere on your head and in your bag.

❤️ ECS Wordmaster ❤️

Its rugged yet advanced engineering is the central plus point for this set of headsets. The wordmaster transcription headphones are designed especially for this purpose. They are designed to capture the human voice and give them a richness of quality. They are built with a sound card that is technology as capable as any computer sound card of today’s date. They are made with superior class year questions and are compatible with most head sizes and types. That means they are very comfortable.


● They are over-the-year headsets, which will provide optimal comfort for long-term use.
● They have a volume control option which is simple and easy.
● These have a 7-foot USB cord for mobility around the stationary region.
● Also, these headphones have volume control.

😀 Pros

● These overhead headphones are compatible with every version of Windows.
● These block all external noise.
● These products are also great for hearing aids.

😔 Cons

● They have USB A-type connectivity.
● The headband region of the headset is pretty standard and does not offer comfort to users. If you have problems with forehead or temple pain, do not purchase these.
● They cannot offer as excellent high-pitch sound quality as other headphones on this list.


49.95 USD

Our verdict

If your headphones undergo a lot of rough use in your work region, these headphones are the best option. They provide great windows compatibility. They are good with human voice, and it is effortless to understand the speakers’ context and nature through these headphones because of how detailed the sound is.

❤️ Audio Technica ATH M40x ❤️

If you are a professional in transcription, you have probably heard of this set of headphones before. These are all rounder headsets with 98 decimals audio sensitivity and 24-kilohertz frequency response. It has a great build with optimal cushioning in years, and the headband and 90 degrees swelling ear cups. They use 40 mm, driverS with earth magnets.


● They also have Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5 mm jack option.
● They are incredibly lightweight, weighing only 0.52 pounds.
● They provide good isolation options for transcriptionists who are working in a variety of different settings.
● They also have the option for 1-year monitoring since they have a 90 degrees swiveling facility.

😀 Pros

● These circumaural headphones are foldable.
● A drawstring bag comes with the headphones.
● These closed-back headphones are comfortable.

😔 Cons

● It might not be cost-effective for beginner transcriptionists.
● It is only 98 decibels which many transcriptionists will consider an average sensitivity factor.
● It also has an average maximum input power of 1600 mW.


119 USD

Our verdict

According to us, it is an all-rounder choice for any transcriptionist. There is nothing that these headsets do not offer. The only drawback is the extremely high price of these headphones due to the use of premium quality materials and an excellent engineering and design outlook. So if the price suits you, you don’t have to look further.

❤️ Sennheiser Professional HD 280 PRO ❤️

It is another brand that is well-known for being an expert in the production of high-quality headphones. For the creation of this professional HD headphone, a new model has been launched that employs the latest knowledge in physical comfort and sustainable build, which can be seen when you set your eyes on the headset.


● These have a considerable frequency response of 25000 Hertz.
● These headphones have high-quality cushioning on the headband and around the years, which makes these perfect for long-term wear.
● Enable 1-year monitoring through the folding and rotating ear cups.
● Cushions and ear cups are ergonomic.

😀 Pros

● These lightweight products have superior noise isolation.
● Also, these offer wide ear cups and swiveling earpieces for a long session
● These are sturdy and affordable.

😔 Cons

● This headphone does not offer Bluetooth connectivity.
● It is only cost-effective for some.
● It does not have the Active Guard ON facility for which this brand is famous.


79.96 USD

Our Verdict

It is another all-rounder headset from a well-known brand designed for all professional use. It excuses customer expectations when it comes to comfort and is more comfortable than any other on this list. It is designed to last a very long time and has a 10 feet cable option. However, everything from the stand and interface to the cable has to be purchased separately.

❤️ Plantronics Blackwire C5220 ❤️

These headphones are dual-ear stereo headsets with a high-quality mic. These have one of the finest over-the-ear headset designs you might have seen, with an extended option for comfort with the adjustable headband. These are priced at a moderately high range but have enough facilities to warrant the pricing.


● These are an option for both USB a and USB c type connectivity.
● These products offer volume control and sound quality control options for users.
● Protect users from sound over 1008 decibels, sudden loud sounds, and long-term exposure.
● These headphones also offer sound isolation to users.

😀 Pros

● These have beautiful lush leatherette ear cushions for comfort.
● These headphones are compatible with all major Unified Communication system
● Affordable price.

😔 Cons

● It is not a Bluetooth headset.
● This headphone Does not offer noise cancellation like the other versions of this brand.
● It is an on-ear headphone and can be unsuitable for some users suffering from severe pain.


68.45 USD

Our verdict

From the point of view of comfort and overall sound quality, it can be a suitable alternative to the more expensive versions on the list. It has excellent comfort options apart from the fact that it is not over the ear. A central plus point in buying this headset is that if microphones are mandatory for you, you will get them here without having to pay extra.

❤️ Logitech H570e ❤️ Buy Logitech USB H570e Corded Double-Ear Headset (981-000574) Online at Low Prices in India | Logitech Reviews & Ratings
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Logitech is a rising brand that has captured the hearts of advanced users because of its innovative technology and clever engineering. These headphones offer excellent compatibility with all kinds of devices except mobile phones. One of its versions offers a webcam, while the other offers stereo sound quality. These headsets are also attached to a high-performing mic.


● These have an indicator LED feature, making them easier to use during high-stress situations.
● These headphones have the much-needed noise-canceling microphone feature.
● These come with a simple volume control setting embedded in the connector cord.
● These headphones are also manufactured with high-end plastic and metal frames.

😀 Pros

● Their tall appearance makes them stand out from others.
● LED lights help to indicate the mute feature.
● They are lightweight.

😔 Cons

● Not a Bluetooth headphone set and lacks bass.
● It is an on-ear headset with small speakers, which might only be suitable for some body types.
● It has a plug-unplugged problem that many users face regarding its connectivity.


62.99 USD

Our verdict

These headphones are fabulous if comfort is not an issue for you. The primary reason why this is so is that both the headband and the speakers are not mainly designed for long-term comfort wear. Alternatively, this has the best microphone system on this list and a moderate price range. It is a sustainable product with the climate pledge coming from the Logitech company.


Many kinds of transcriptionists work worldwide on many different types of projects. It is good to have separate headphones for separate projects when working in the audio industry. If this is your first purchase, make sure it is something that will go in the majority of situations. Remember that while there are many luxury headphones on this list priced at a high range, this is a one-time investment as most of these professional headsets last for a very long time.