Everything you need to know about headphones for backpackers.

 H1 What are Closed-Back Headphones?

Closed-back headphones are one of the most common types of headphones out there in the market. All of us at some point in our lives have made use of such headphones. Their backs are sealed with cups made of plastic or other material, thereby isolating you from every other noise present around you. The bass is good in the high-quality ones and it has been the choice of most of the people out there.

H2 Advantages of Closed-back headphones – 

  • Good bass
  • Noise cancellation if the quality is good
  • Best for recording or producing music

H3 What are Semi Open-Back Headphones?

On the other hand, semi-open back headphones are a combination of both closed-back and open-back. The speakers, in this case, are not completely sealed which still allows room for some air to enter your ears. This makes them a bit more comfortable as the air influx causes less sweat.

H4 Advantages of semi-open back headphones – 

  • Good to hear at home.
  • Causes less sweat without compromising on sound quality
  • You can even listen in public at moderate volume