Best running headphones under £50, £100 and £200

Headphones are perfect accessories when it comes to music enjoyment.

The market provides many headphones specially designed for people who hit the gym, walk, or run down the streets. So, you can always get what you need to make your workout more fun.

Whether you hit the gym or do casual runs, you can always get headphones for any budget. What another way to make your workout more fun and enjoyable than with headphones to soundtrack your workout?

Of course, running needs some soundtracks, therefore, you need headphones to provide soundtracks as you run. With the best running headphones, you can always tune up your sprint.

That said, you can always get the best running buds for every budget under the following categories.

The best running headphones under £50


1. Aukey Latitude EP-BP 40

This is one of the Best running headphones under £50, £100 and £200.

With this type of headphones, your workouts become more enjoyable as they provide up to 8 hours of non-stop music.  Aukey Latitude EP-BP 40 comes with adaptable sound presets so that you easily switch from the three EQ modes.

Its Bluetooth 4.1 feature provides you with an excellent connection, quick pairing, and reduced power usage.  Aukey Latitude EP-BP 40 is water-resistant, therefore, ready for action since sweat and rain can’t ruin your lovely music.

These buds provide you with comfort and they stay fit or in place as you workout. Last but not least, these buds feature a magnetic design so that you can connect them around your neck.



2. Skullcandy XTplyo

This is the second best running headphones under £50, £100 and £200 in our list of best running headphones under £50.

They cost less than £20 on Amazon, yet providing you with quality sound, you need to tune up your sprints. These wired headphones come with a water-resistant build hence ensuring safety from sweat and rain.

Its tips feature a secure silicone design hence providing a safer option for people with narrow ear canals. In addition, they feature a small yet reflective cable clip that keeps you visible when working out in low light conditions.

They feature an inline remote system that allows you to receive and end calls as you sprint.


3. Koss KSC32i GRY

These wired buds cost as low as £15 on Amazon yet they provide you with fair quality. Are you looking for ideal buds for fitness, yet at a low cost?

If so, then you need the Koss KSC32i buds. Koss KSC32i buds come with a sweat-resistant build; therefore, you only need to worry about your steps.

These buds hook onto your ears perfectly hence making them secure fit buds. They also come with an inline remote system that  features one button you can use to skip your tracks on Spotify.

In addition to that, you can use the one-touch inline system to receive and end calls as you workout. Lastly, with such features, Koss KSC32i is one of the best running headphones under £50, £100 and £200.


The best running headphones under £100


1. Monster iSport Victory

The Monster iSport Victory buds provide you with a decent sound that can help tune up your Sprint.  Monster delivers high-performance sport headphones; therefore, Monster iSport Victory fits your running or gym needs.

These buds come with a Sports Clip design, which ensures that you can go further without losing focus. They feature sound-isolating tips that provide a tight seal hence blocking out water or sweat as you run.

Monster iSport Victory headphone gives you comfort and proves secure hence do not fall even when working out. If music tunes up your sprints, then this bud from Monster is what you need.

They feature an inline remote system that you can use to control or manage your music.



2. Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3 is an upgrade of Jaybird X2, where the X3 comes in a micro-sized design.

Its micro size design offers you comfortable even when you put on a helmet. These earbuds offer you 8 hours of battery life hence leaving you with long-lasting music experience.

The headphones come with a nano-coating technology build to safeguard them from rain, sweat, and water. Jaybird X3 provides you with an enhanced sound that gives your tunes a great bass, crunk or treble touch.

Last but not least, the buds provide you with over or under ear fit options, which allow you to move the cord of your neck.




3. JLab Audio Epic 2

JLab Audio Epic 2 boasts of its sound; they use the C3 technology to provide you with decent sound.

Are you searching for epic headphones that provide you with quality sound without compromising on its build quality?

If so, then you need this type of earbuds. These buds last longer since they come with strong and tangle-free cables.

They feature Cush Fins and gel tips to provide you with a perfect and comfortable fit.They also feature an inline remote system to perfectly control your music.

Additionally, when fully charged, these buds provide you with 12 hours of music playback time.



The best running headphones under £200


1. RHA MA750

These wireless buds offer you fast and easy pairing since they feature an NFC pairing chip. The buds are equipped with an RHA dynamic driver which works to reproduce an excellent sound.

They also include a stainless-steel housing which ensures they last long. In addition to that, the stainless-steel housing is magnetized so that you can fasten them around your neck.

The buds provide you with 12 hours of battery life, which you can use for calls as well as music.  Its sweatproof protection feature enables you to work out vigorously without your sweat drops.

Lastly, these buds give you comfort as well as control over your music and calls.

running headphones


2. Bose SoundSport Pulse

As you work out, you consider your performance; therefore, you need headphones that provide high performance.

Therefore, Bose SoundSport Pulse headphones are all you need. Its design is sweat resistant as well as weather resistant.

These headphones provide you with comfort even during intense workout sessions. They provide you with excellent sound quality as they care about your performance.

They feature a built-in heart rate sensor, which helps you to monitor your performance as you work out. Additionally, they feature an inline control system that allows you to take control of your music and calls.


3. Under Armor JBL Sport

These headphones let you work out smart and harder with its features. They are one of the best running headphones under £50, £100 and £200.

They feature a touch Sensor that works on-demand to provide you with real-time heart rate updates. This JBL Sport makes very convenient when it comes to comfort and workout analysis.

These headphones give your music a bass touch for inspiration and motivation. You can charge it under two hours to provide you with up to 5 hours of music time and heart rate updates.



Whether you are a gym or music fanatic, you will find the above headphones useful. These headphones come under different budgets; hence you can find one that meets your budget.

Our list of best running headphones under £50, £100 and £200 provide you with different categories to choose from depending on how small or big your pocket is.

It’s time to give your music that extra punch. Work out in style.