The Pros and Cons of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Most people prefer buying noise-cancelling headphones because they seem okay on paper.  Of course, you should always buy headphones that come with lots of benefits.

However, you can always weigh their disadvantages too to get the best option in the market. Noise-cancelling headphones help you to obtain a quiet environment as you dive into your tunes.

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of silence, now imagine a very long journey or flight without such music essentials. Whether you take a flight or train, you will always need such audio gadgets to give you some peace of mind.

Noise-cancelling headphones, mostly known as active noise-cancelling headphones, use a noise reduction technology to provide you with clear and less noise sound quality.

That said, what are the pros and cons of noise-cancelling headphones, right?


The Pros of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The best thing about buying noise cancelling headphones is that they help you block sounds from your immediate surrounding.

When you own noise-cancelling headphones, you don’t need to add some volume to avoid the external sounds.  In other words, you can still reduce your music’s volume and obtain clear tunes even in a loud environment.

So, what does that mean?

You can still get better sounds for entertainment as you keep healthy. A noisy environment can cause serious health problems such as brain damage, hearing loss and cardiovascular diseases.

Do you live in a noisy environment or travel more often? If so, then you need to consider investing in this type of headphones.

In other words, with noise-cancelling headphones, your ears preserve their perfect health. Noise-cancelling headphones prove their worth when travelling on trains or aeroplanes.

Such means of transport often get associated with much noise and sometimes all you need is a good rest or sleep. Therefore, you can use noise-cancelling headphones to block unpleasant external noises.

Noise-cancelling headphones come handy especially when you need to focus on several tasks but the surrounding noise cannot allow you.

For instance, noise-cancelling headphones allow you to read, study, work or sleep without unpleasant sounds affecting your activities as you travel.


Everyone wants to enjoy their conversations, right? These headsets give you the freedom of talking comfortably on the phone when at home.

You don’t have to struggle with lots of “excuse me or please repeat” when there is a solution to that. Now, imagine a situation where you have to step outside to receive calls because the house is noisy.

In addition to that, with wireless noise-cancelling headphones at your disposal, you can move freely in your house as you talk receive calls.

The headphones can also help students, especially when studying in a noisy environment. With noise-cancelling headphones, students can concentrate on the things they need to grasp.

Additionally, noise-cancelling headphones help users to obtain the richness and variations in their tunes.  The richness and variation in music usually disappear under higher volumes as you try to avoid surrounding noises.


The Cons of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This type of headphones harbours a noise-cancelling technology, hence costing more than standard headphones. In other words, due to their complexity, you need to pay more to cover for their manufacturing cost.

As much as they reduce external noises, they prove as an expensive option. You can buy its alternatives at a very low cost and still adjust your volumes to get rid off external noises. The noise cancellation feature needs to operate within the same circuitry with your audio drivers.

What does that mean?

It means that they can end up reducing your music’s audio quality as they work to reduce external noises. Since they carry other features that work with the noise cancellation feature, they can prove as heavy headphones.

For instance, many carry batteries and extra electronics so that they can provide you with noise-free audio. Therefore, these headphones do not suit loud and noisy environments like big rocks falling as well as gunshots.


These headsets make you forget that there is an environment around you. What does that mean, right? Imagine a situation where you let the music carry you completely, you cannot hear things like a car or train horns.

Therefore, these headphones may end up putting your life at risk.

Since they carry other electrical components, they consume more amount of power when compared with standard headphones. Some headphones get power from their internal batteries where some of them can be charged after use.

As said earlier, these headphones prove as bulky alternatives because some need batteries to power them. Standard headphones actually do not need to carry their own power since phones can provide the power needed.

In simpler terms, the more the features they include, the more the power needed to power those components. The worst thing you can ever experience with noise-cancelling headphones is when you still hear the noise.

As great as they seem, there is still some noise that passes under the radar of the noise cancellation technology. Yes, they block most of the sound, however, some noise still passes through.

Therefore, this is one of the pros and cons of noise-cancelling headphones. Last but not least, some of the users of this headset complain about a certain humming sound.

They hear the sound when they put them on to listen to their favourite songs or playlist. They describe the sound like an irritating one which causes them to feel some pressure on their eardrums.

Therefore, sensitive users end up using this type of headphones less or adjust to using them with such limitations.



Most people always look on the good side of things when buying headphones, which is fine. However, they also need to look at the other side of the headphones they want to buy.

Noise-cancelling headphones help to reduce or eliminate a portion of noise in your surroundings. Therefore, proving as great assets in noise reduction when listening to music.

Despite that, they also have their shortcomings. That said, before you buy one, make sure to look at the pros and cons of noise-cancelling headphones.