Easy Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Headphones

Apart from the quality music they let us listen to, headphones serve as our saviors in different social situations of our daily routine. And with our totally changed routine, they are helping us to keep calm and socially isolate by listening to music, podcasts, and whatnot. However, since there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding us, we thought to frame a list of easy tips to help you increase the life of your headphones so you do not have to spend any extra (or unnecessary) bucks to buy new ones or use someone else’s (a big NO to that).

Without further ado, below are the tips:


Safeguard the wires:

Yes, the most annoying things are the wires. Maybe that was the reason for Apple and other companies to ditch the 3.5mm audio port on their phones, to push people towards wireless headphones? Well, a good wireless headphone set is not cheaper; and it will take some time for the technology to spread.

Meanwhile, we are stuck with our instant love aka conventional headphones. Unfortunately, most of us do not care about them unless something starts to go wrong.

So, for starters, we need to start handling them responsibly. To protect the wires and keep them untangled, you may either use the devil horns method (you can play dark metal on speakers while doing so :p) or the over-under method.

Do remember not to tense the cable close to the earpieces/cups, or the connection points can get damaged.


Cleanliness is next to godliness

No, we are not going to start our sermon now. Just needed to overemphasize how maintaining cleanliness can make things go a long way. With regular use, our headphones get messy with earwax build up and all the sweat while exercising or even normal usage.

These factors really affect the quality of life your headphones are designed to provide. But before rinsing them, make sure you are aware of the IP rating. They must have at least IP 5 or closer to IP 7. Otherwise, earwax cleaning tools are available for cheaper price. [Note: They are not for cleaning your own ear’s wax]

Clean headphones will also save you from embarrassment while sharing them with anyone else, but do not share unless there is a credible covid19 vaccine out there!


Make them exercise-friendly

You are taking a nice stroll or jogging while your favourite tune is seducing your audiophile self, everything around you seems so pleasant, and then your headphone falls off your one ear.

Snap back to reality. Yeah, we have all been there. Constant falling off can affect their life. If they do not come with over-ear wraps, you can make them using extra cable by wrapping it around the neck of your headphones. Pictured for reference below. Get your creative side on.


Treat your ears with better sound

Your mobile or laptop is rarely equipped with a quality or state of the art digital to analog (DAC) converter. Hence, the relatively poor quality of sound output.

Nowadays, there are a lot of options to buy cool portable DACs and amps from the market. Their benefits?

1.Signal to noise ratios
2.Lower distortion
3.Ability to play high-resolution files with higher bitrate and sample rates
4.Increased audio fidelity


Wrapping up

Hope these tips will help you spend quality isolation time at home without having to spend any money. Moreover, do tell us what songs you are grooving to these days in the comments below.