Life without Bose Headphones would be a mistake

Yes, we know our favourite nihilist did not say that, and trust us we are not trying to depict him as a brand ambassador for Bose. But, going by Nietzsche’s words, if life without music would be mistake then how can it not be another mistake if we do not treat our ears with good musical equipment. ? Get our point?

Working from home can be all calming and easy but it gets difficult with all the distraction around. To beat that, it is better to get a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones for focused, peace and quiet environment. However, with too much uncertainty around us (scr*w you, covid19), it is better to look out for inexpensive deals to save money and make a good investment in future since our hectic flying schedules will fill up our calendars again (fingers crossed).

Do not worry about the hassle of searching as we have already found one amazing deal for you. Right now, on eBay, you can grab Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II for only $200 – that is a drop from $350 selling price for a new pair. The reason? They are a factory-renewed pair (explained below).

But they are packed with amazing features like:

1.Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

2. Up to 20 hours of battery life

3. Feature and trademark Bose sound

4. Noise cancellation (you will not hear bad news about covid19 at all)

5. Bose companion app to help you fine tune your settings

Factory-renewed explained by eBay:

“Factory Renewed products have previously been purchased from one of our dealers or from our Direct Sales division. They have then been returned to us under our satisfaction guarantee. Usually, Factory Renewed products don’t look any different than new products.

A product may have a slight cosmetic blemish, but there is no audible performance imperfection. Once they have been fully tested, inspected, and re-manufactured as necessary, they are issued at a discount with a fully certified new warranty and new satisfaction guarantee.

Most products have previously been on sale at higher prices in electronic retailers or through our direct marketing channel.”

You can thank us by telling us how they perform in the comments below. ?