Review of sleep headphones

Let’s have a look at some of the best headphones to get yourself into that deep slumber that you always hope for, feeling refreshed and complete to take on your next day on earth!

The main type that we see, is the headband shape headphones, ideal for lying down! These are perfect for settling down in bed and relaxing to your tunes, if you like sound while you sleep, this is a dream come true. Lets take a look!.


What’s the best Pair out there?

With most types of headphones, the market can be really saturated and overpriced, not in this case, you can get some really good options for affordable prices, I mean no you won’t get the quality and noise-cancelling effect of good over-ear headphones. But being able to lie on your side in bed and listen to music comfortably, that wins it for me!

There is no clear ‘best’ at the moment, but let’s take a look at our top 3 choices on the market today!


1. The Sleephones v7 Wireless headband

Now, this is a winner, being stylish and completely discreet, you can use this around the house! Being able to listen to whatever you would like to and block out a little bit of the outside world, is often all we need to get to sleep that little bit faster

SleepPhones, really have excelled when it comes to the best and affordable sleep headphones, with options in every price range, so you can try them and see if they help you without spending hard-earned cash on something you may not use. They have a truly comfortable fit and a sturdy lightweight design.


2. LC-dolida sleep headphones and eye mask

With an extremely affordable price of under £20 and an actually quite appealing look, these are a perfect fit for someone testing out the waters for the first time. There are lots of headphones on the market that seem like definite overkill, but these are not like that, they are exactly what they say they are, while just losing a slight bit of quality in comparison to the cheaper Sleepphones products.

Having an eye mask built in, helps massively with relaxation and the actual product helping you drift off, that is if you like eye masks!


3. CozyPhones

CozyPhones are extremely comfortable and soft design, making these and actual pleasure to be wearing, for some, these having an aux cable to play your music from may be a blessing, but for many, it’s the one downfall that makes the average buyer pick another top brand, over these amazing pieces of equipment.

The amazing material these are made from makes this a top option for the most comfortable sleep!



What’s the advantages of them?



-They are the most comfortable type of headphone too lay with or just generally be wearing

– Discreet

– Help engulf you in your music to create a relaxing experience.

– Flexible



-Not as good sound quality as the other types of headphone.

-Nowhere near as noise-cancelling as bulky headphones.

Lots of people take the option of having small and really lightweight earbuds to choose as their sleep headphones of choice, but I feel that the majority of these, can actually end up being uncomfortable after long periods of time as they can be pressed deeper and deeper into your ear, depending on if you always sleep on your side. Let’s take a look at a few of those, they are usually a lot more noise-cancelling, and can offer huge differences in sound quality, so if you’re a sound fanatic who really enjoys pristine sound quality, these may be the best option to satisfy your musical desires.


The Bose QuietComfort 20

Has undeniably mind-blowing sound quality, with a really nice low profile build, that really doesn’t get in your way, perfect for a pair of headphones for sleeping.

If you are looking for an uninterrupted night’s sleep, you can’t get much better than this. With fantastic noise-cancelling technology and hi-tech sound, this can suit all your needs. Even as an everyday pair of headphones too!


Bedphones by Dubslabs

Are a really creative piece of tech, a big favourite!

While still maintaining a high quality of sound, these headphones are lightweight and very thin, they sit like a comfy plate covering your ears. With a nice padded earpiece, you hardly feel them in between your head and the pillow, making these, one of the top go-to pairs for general chilling headphones, or some to assist your sleeping!

It is a very suave and simple design, very likeable and stylish!



We have looked at the best sleep headphones, and you may still not be satisfied, but there of plenty of other options if you don’t even want to put a headphone on (I know this is more of a “speaker”, but hear me out), there are also, pillows (Yes, I said it) that you can listen to your music through, well they may not be as discreet and other people may be able to hear it a lot louder. These are a fantastic option for bedtime music instead of actual headphones

Are you looking for a remedy to help sleepless nights or just a comfy pair of headphones to chill out with?

These are all perfect options to help you out, why keep trying to sleep with huge bulky pairs of headphones when all its going to do is end up breaking them? It’s good to have a different pair of headphones to use for times like this, especially if the only ones you have are bulky over/on-ear pairs.

Lots of people don’t see the point in buying a different pair for sleeping, we do, do you?