BEST TRAVELLING HEADPHONES (When they let us out again)

Whether it is a trip to a nearby beach, an unplanned trek, or the daily commute, with the ever-increasing number of public transports we take, what’s better than a good pair of headphones to make the experience fun and a tad bit more tolerable. 

Traveling is no easy task, especially when you are on a flight or safely seated in the corner-most spot in the train; a crying baby who just won’t stop or that “snoring-their-lungs-out” fellow passenger should be the least of your problems. 

What is the number one thing you wish for while traveling? Serenity? Maybe the need to stay connected? Now imagine you are sipping a cup of coffee while sitting in the balcony of your hotel overlooking the snow-covered mountains, listening to some great music and then your headphone dies down. What a major buzzkill will that be! 

Headphones meant for travel come equipped with noise-cancelling technology, which actively blocks out the intrusive sounds that just won’t let you enjoy. If you are always on the go and looking for headphones to suit your needs, we have compiled a list of the best in the business!


Things to Definitely Consider While Getting a Headphone

Before we proceed to the actual product list, here is a quick look at the things you must consider before getting yourself a headphone.


Having a brand stamp is a must, whether it’s for those flashy Instagram posts, Snap streaks, Tik Toks, or, let’s just say, for your mental peace. Obviously, we trust branded products to perform better and rightly so!


Many wise men have already given their piece of mind on money, and I won’t add any more to it. Well, let’s just say stretch your legs as far as the blanket allows. Research and compare, set a price limit, and just go for it!

Wireless or Wired

With all the luggage and backup, more things to carry is, of course, a big “no-no.” Having something hands-free is of utmost importance; therefore, it is better that you go for a wireless headphone, thereby saving you that extra trouble.

Battery Backup

You are walking on a marooned road to oblivion, reminiscing all the good and reflecting on the stupid decisions you have taken. Now amidst all this self-awakening, you can’t really hope to find a spot to charge your headphones! Well, that’s why battery backup is on our list of things to consider before getting yourself a sweet piece.

Having said that, let’s look at the five best headphones meant explicitly for travel:


Marshall is a legendary brand known to make speakers and amplifiers used by most of the famous “Metal-Gods” out there. Known to make robust and dependable products, the Marshall Monitor II A.N.C noise-canceling headphone is a great alternative for those who want a product that looks and feels rugged but also does everything a noise-cancelling headphone is supposed to do. 

It has a USB C charging port, which is convenient, and also features transparency mode, which helps you toggle with the noise cancellation. Overall, this a great choice for people who want a headphone that stands out in the crowd and are okay with spending extra bucks for it.

  • Battery Backup: 30 hours wireless with effective noise-cancelling and 45 hours without noise cancelling.
  • What’s in the Box?: Headphone, User Manual, 3.5mm removable cable, USB C Charging Cable, Carrying Pouch
  • Price: $319.99



No matter where you are, the Sony WH-1000XM4 will deliver that pristine sound quality you always wished for from a high-end headphone. This sweet piece features microphones on either of the earcups.

The device uses a proximity sensor to detect whether the person is using the headphones or not, and then adapts the playback and the sound accordingly. This impressive feature helps in saving that much-needed battery power.

You get 30 hours of battery backup, which constitutes the device cancelling any background noise actively. The processor is that trustworthy Sony quality making this headphone an excellent pick for travel.

  • Battery Backup: 30 hours with quick charging feature.
  • What’s in the Box?: Headphone, User Manual, 
  • Price: $348



Apple’s Beats Studio 3 Wireless is another fantastic option for people who are always on the go and want a light headphone without compromising the sound. It also features the W1 chip by Apple, which makes them perform seamlessly if you couple it with an apple phone or an iPad.

As far as the sound quality goes, this product will surely win your heart. The built quality is good, and the battery can last you for above 20 hours on a full charge. You also get the option to choose from a plethora of colors. Personally, I prefer all black.

Another very important query people have is about the comfort aspect of an over-ear headphone. So, let me assure you that Studio 3 is very comfortable for prolonged usage and does not cause any irritation to the ears even after hours of use.

  • Battery Backup: 22 hours
  • What’s in the Box?: Headphone, Carrying pouch, 3.5mm cable, Universal USB cable, User Manual, Warranty card
  • Price: $289



Up next on our list is a very sleek headphone featuring a foldable design and touch-control panel, the Sennheiser PCX 550. An amazing Bluetooth headphone with impressive sound quality and a hybrid noise-cancellation technique, this wireless piece also features a voice prompt system.

The headphone also comes with a cable so that you can use it as a wired device as per your convenience. Using its motion-control pad, you can take up any call or skip a song with the swipe of a finger. Offering some great battery backup, this is another headphone to look for if you are a travel buff.

  • Battery Backup: 30 hours
  • What’s in the Box?: Headphone, Carrying pouch, Flight adapter, User manual, Audio cable
  • Price: $187



Another great headphone, the Bose Comfort 35 II, comes with an amazing feature that lets you actively control how much noise you want to cancel. Suppose you are with the family and want to watch that basketball game (after all, how can you not, duh!!), just adjust the noise-cancelling feature as per your preference. How cool is that!

Staying updated with the latest happenings around you is no more trouble as the Bose Comfort 35 II can connect to Alexa and the company giving you access to every news on the go.

Powered with a lithium-ion battery, which promises a backup of up to 20 hours, what else does a person need! A major plus with this beauty is the option to have or not have the wire. So, if you are using it with the wire, this headphone offers a whopping 40 hours of battery backup. That’s something. Is it not?

  • Battery Backup: 40 hours
  • What’s in the Box?: Headphone, User Manual, Cable

Price: $224.99