Top Five Sweatproof Headphones to Use for your Workouts

Let’s face it, life sounds far more interesting with a soundtrack blasting in the background.

An evening run in the park feels a hundred times more intense with Imagine Dragons’
Radioactive pumping between your ears in high definition quality. During lockdown many of us have adjusted to working out from home or in our local outdoor parks: less familiar than our usual gym environments. Now that lockdown has become a normal component of our everyday lives, even if you are part of the lucky few able to return to your socially distanced gym, fitness remains as important as ever to burn off the excess calories we put on by sitting at home watching Netflix all day. Let’s admit it: the nostalgic second season of Kobra Kai was awesome.


Whether your fitness is largely cardio or strength based, the value of listening to music during a high and low intensity workout cannot be understated. The benefits include:


  • Increasing your workout efforts as music can be a fun source of distraction. 
  • Making your workout more exciting: the right base to a dramatic tune can make you feel like you’re battling alien armies from other galaxies or expressing your most emotional cries for love or loss. Some tracks are also motivational for the final stretch of a long run or the hardest reps of your training.
  • Music envelopes you into a rigorous zone or active mindset where it is just you, the beat, and the lyrics. It can provide focus and concentration that will help you get your gains.

Having great quality headphones will help you reach your optimum workout. Complete your audiophile journey by checking out some of these hottest devices on the market, best suited for an active workout routine.


5) Apple Airpods Pro. 

We can’t include a list about wireless headphones without discussing this product, which you’ve probably seen just about everywhere. The signature wireless Airpods have made a lot of improvements with the Pro model.  Connect them with your iPhone and benefit from Active Noise Cancellation and fantastic sound quality. The water resistance technology allows you to sweat away to your favourite tune to your heart’s content. What I like most about Airpods are how light they feel. However, like the rest of Apple products they are quite expensive and easy to lose or damage.


4) Beats PowerBeats Pro

A terrific wireless option to make the most out of your workout and in my opinion an upgrade to Airpods which have a low battery compared to other products on the market. These wireless Beats headphones are small and lightweight, optimised for a comfortable and snug fit. The unique ear hooks design is a love or hate feature. While the hooks look like an eyesore and can be difficult to put on the first time, they add a secure and lightweight grip which lets your headphones sit in place even while doing intense workouts. The sound quality gives no complaints and overall, the device is physically much more comfortable than AirPods while still maintaining the lightness. The device comes with a large charging case which can be conveniently carried to the gym in your pocket.




3) Adidas RPT-01 Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones

These unique-looking headphones are perfect for long-distance cardio as they have a long battery life. If you can get past the strange shape and rugged design style, these headphones are great for your fitness needs. They are simple to use, fit snugly, and are very light which makes them suitable for long-distance running and intense workouts. The ear pad cushions, unlike similar products, can be removed and washed when dirty which is ideal for heavy sweat sessions. These headphones, if you can get past the strange metallic design, are practical for exercise in the outdoor elements. The fabric design makes them functional when it comes to worrying about them getting dirty or easily damaged. They are also more affordable than similar products on the market and provide an impressive playback time.



2) AfterShokz Xtrainerz

If you have the budget and appreciation for the bold design, this is definitely a great product to consider. They are extremely durable and can survive your most sweaty workouts due to the capacity to be water resistant. Incredibly, you can swim wearing these up to two metres deep. This model is very lightweight and has a fairly good battery time too of around eight hours. The remarkable bone-conducting technology and lightweight design are key selling features for this model, however, given the cost, it is disappointing that they don’t come with Bluetooth connectivity. The key advantage to these is the ability to wear them while you swim, enjoying Just Keep Swimming or the Jaws soundtrack while underwater. This is a promising product, and with some development, I anticipate future models will be able to address connectivity drawbacks.



1) Bose Soundlink Headphones II

Perhaps a personal bias as I have been using these headphones for two years ever since I first fell in love with them. The sound quality is incredible, available with Noise Cancelling technology or without if you’re looking for something more affordable. These wireless headphones fit comfortably over your ears, connecting to your device’s Bluetooth for music. Answer calls on your treadmill without disturbing your workout using the headphones’ effective microphone system. Another advantage is the long battery life as well as the short time it takes to charge initially. Nearly two years old, mine have been durable through my travels, surviving many clumsy falls and damage when tossed around carelessly in luggage. Surprisingly light for a large device, I cannot recommend these enough for audiophiles.



Having a quality device is essential to making the most out of your workout. Make sure you connect your headphones to a great quality playlist to optimise your audio experience. Personally, I use Spotify Premium as the songs can be downloaded offline and saved into playlists, prepared in advance for my gym or outdoor running sessions. Spotify recently gave out a free Google Nest Mini to all of their premium customers. 

New models are constantly being refined and developed. Although Bose Soundlink are my personal favourite for now, I will keep an eye out on future Xtrainerz products as well as the improvements to the newest Airpods models. Be sure to look around at all available products to get the best value for money when investing in a wireless device for your workout regime.