What’s the best headphone type for me?

You may be wondering, what’s the best type of headphone for me? It can often be really overwhelming trying to scrape the web and find the  most amazing pair of headphones to fit your specific desires.

But it’s hard to narrow down what you want when you don’t understand what all the different types mean! Let us help you, here is all the main points you need to know, to help you dive into the wonderful world of sound and make a choice.

While there are plenty of types to choose from, the main first puzzle you have to solve is whether you prefer in-ear headphones, or headphones that sit on/outside your ear, each has a very different fit and can have amazing benefits for different environments.

For any type of sports, for example, it’s usually best to use in-ear types of headphones, as they are very small, and good pairs will fit into your ear and stay nice and put.

Whereas often if you are indoors and listening while relaxing or working on a music project, lots of people prefer the headphones to sit outside your ear, these headphones often can produce amazing bass, while feeling submerged in your music.

It’s best to know what you’re buying!


  • Closed-Back Headphones
  • Open-Back Headphones
  • On-Ear Headphones
  • Over-Ear Headphones
  • In-Ear Headphones
  • Earbuds


Closed-back headphones
 are, you may have guessed it, headphones with a closed back.

These create a much more isolated feel from external noise and creates a much more noise-cancelling sensation, this also helps keeps the sound in! So, if you often seem to turn heads on public transport when your bass-filled drop hits, these may be a better option to keep a bit of that sound in! These may not be the most natural-sounding headphones as your ears are enclosed, but there are some amazing ones out there! The only common downside is if you’re wearing them on a hot day, it’s regular you will end up with possible sweaty ears!

Open-back headphones

are similar to the closed-back types, they just have an open back instead! Duh!

These headphones are much more natural sounding, but they let a lot more external noise in, and out! If you’re a fan of listening to loud music in public or on transport, these may not be the best option for you! But on the other hand anywhere indoors or where your music cant get on people’s nerves, these are a much more clear option, with a more outdoors and less enclosed feel. If you still want a breeze on your ears, these are the ones!

On-ear headphones

are a much more portable version of over-ear headphones. Similar style and shape, they just rest on your ears instead of over them.

These aren’t the main first choice for many people, they do let a lot more noise in and out, and they can really get a lot more uncomfortable in a much shorter period of time from the other types, the only real upside to these is the portability. You often see on-ear headphones used in call centre’s and can be really helpful for headsets.

Over-ear headphones

sit around your ear (over it). These are over-ear headphones that submerge your ears, surrounding them with sweet sounds.

These are much comfier for longer periods of time, as these are not actually pushing on your ears at all. As the headphones are sealed around your ears, the sound is often a lot clearer, and there is less interruption from outside noises as much, also preventing sound leakage.

In-ear headphones

comfortably rest inside your ear, allowing you to listen to music more discreetly, while not having to carry around bulky headphones that rest on top of your head.

Maybe over and on-ear headphones ruin your perfected hairdo? Or maybe you just prefer not having to carry around bulky headphones? These are perfect, they rest well in the ear, which creates a helpful sound barrier from the outside.

There are two main types of in-ear headphone, the first in the standard Apple starter type headphones, these are usually a universally comfortable fit, but you definitely let in and out lots of unnecessary noise. The other, is earbud types, that have a rubber sleeves that are on the headphones, allowing a much more perfect and enclosed fit.
The earbuds, are a lot more noise-cancelling and can have a really good bass-filled sound to them.

It’s always important when using any headphones, especially in-ear headphones that are projecting the sound down your ear canal, that you keep the noise at a safe level, not for anyone else’s, but your hearing’s sake.

Both of these types of headphones are perfect for doing sports or just general day-to-day use!

Now it’s up to you

Now you know the few main points to help you with your newly educated decision, it can be a real hassle picking from thousands of different options. Luckily as time progresses, we are also seeing a huge rise in great Bluetooth options for each type of headphone, for the prime wireless listening experience.

We think if you’re always out and about and enjoy listening to music while being active, in-ear headphones and earbuds, are really your best bet. You don’t want to break your brand-new headphones, it’s best to get ones that suit what you’re doing.

But if you prefer to chill out while listening to music, at home, in a studio, or just simply commuting, Over-ear headphones are a perfect fit, allowing you to pick up some fantastic sounding headphones, for some very good prices.

All in all, it’s all about trial and error, always searching google for “best headphones near me” really won’t help you find out which ones you personally prefer. The best way is for you to get out there and get listening, try them all, and settle on the most comfortable and best-fitting for your lifestyle, and you will never look back!